nni-el asked:

Hey I have a question >< You're also Niel biased ♥ and do you perhaps know the address of Niel's Cafe ? I'm going to korea in a few days and I really want to visit his cafe. ><

but-im-shy answered:

wuaaahhhh, im so so so sOOOOO EXCITED FOR UUU!!! how long will u be in korea?? i will go there in august as well ^^ if ure still there, maybe we can meet at cafe dani! LOL

anyways, here is a map to go to cafe dani:

that big grey area that has the little blue arrow is the Anyang station (Line 1 of their subway system). as far as i know, there is only 1 exit there, so u dont have to worry about taking a certain exit LOL then u can just follow the map to get the the new cafe dani location!

i don’t have their exact address in english, but here is the address in korean: 경기도 안양시 만안구 안양동 674-288번지. i hope this helps! and have fun in koreaaaa~!!!

ps. i hope u get to see niel’s family when u go to cafe dani



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